Around Ireland in 5 distilleries

The Old Jameson Distillery

This distillery is located in the city of Dublin. The actual production of the whiskey now takes place in Cork, but the site of the original distillery in Dublin has a visitor centre.

Jameson was established in 1780 by John Jameson, a Scottish lawyer from Alloa. By the 19th century, Jameson was one of the largest producers in the world.

Visitors to the centre in Dublin can view an audio visual presentation, followed by a guided tour of the recreated distillery scene.


The Jameson Experience

The Old Midleton Distillery in Cork can also be visited. There is a distillery trail which takes visitors through the mills, the maltings, the still house, the warehouses and the kilns. There is also an audio visual presentation.

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South Africa on a Budget: Top Free Attractions in Cape Town!

All over the internet, millions of people are looking for that one in a lifetime deal to their deal destination. Due to the global recession, everyone is on a tight budget, from household bills to clothes and food, and taking a holiday is no exception! This has lead holidaymakers to look for the cheapest (or free) attractions going whilst on holiday, and thankfully when it comes to Cape Town, there are literally hundreds of them! From the beautiful shorelines and fantastic scenery to the vibrant nightlife culture, you’ll be surprised at the amount you’re able to do for free in Cape Town, so lets take a look at some of the favourites.

Watch the Full Moon at Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is one of the most popular places to trek in Cape Town, taking around an hour to walk to the peak of this sandstone-capped hill. Once at the top however, the views of the city are spectacular, especially in the evening as the landscape of city lights dominated the horizon. Watching the sun go down at Lion’s Head is a free attraction like no other, and because so many people head here as the full moon rises, you’ll be able to experience South African culture at it’s finest.

Life is a Beach

Without doubt, the best attraction in Cape Town are the beautiful beaches, and they’re completely free to come and go as you please. There are some hotels and resorts that have their own private beaches, however they’re actually no more special than the long stretches of golden coastline. Furthermore, there are loads of activities to do at the beach too, from water sports catching up on your tan. A wonderful array of bars and clubs look over the beaches too, meaning you can enjoy a cocktail or two as you gaze out onto the ocean, or simply lay back and listen to the music!

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Visit Limerick City For The 4th July Limerick Festival

Band Parade

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